Hi there,

I am Cao Van Anh, and I come from Vietnam. This website is created not only to keep track of my writing skill in English but to publish some “knowledge worth sharing” (a modified slogan from TED’s: Ideas worth spreading) as well.

At the time I initially wrote this webpage, I wasn’t 19 yet. I was just a freshman at University of Languages and International Studies – Vietnam National University. I once used to regret not keeping an online journal sooner. However, I strongly believe that “Better late than never”, so I still keep my chin up and try my best to maintain this one (and another also – my website in Vietnamese version: https://caovanh.wordpress.com/)

That I can avoid making linguistic errors is out of the question because I’m just an English learner. Should you come across any my grammatical or spelling mistakes, feel free to let me know and suggest me a correction (if possible), and I’ll really appreciate that ^^