What To Do When We Don’t Want To Do Anything?

What should we do when we don’t want to do anything?

The answer here is way too simple: DON’T DO ANYTHING.

Please don’t judge me for this straightforward imperative because I had been in that very situation. I have had a great number stimulating ideas, but unluckily, I once used to be so exhausted that I couldn’t even keep myself fully conscious. I therefore wasn’t able to accomplish all of the goals set at that time.

Trying in vain to fulfil my own expectations, I ultimately decided to take adequate rest and wait until I get full of beans once again without worrying about pending tasks. The key point is that even when I tried my best, I didn’t have any motivation to move on. I kept forcing myself to go ahead in lieu of weighing up the benefits against the risks of multitasking. I am not lazy, I am just bloody tired. And finally, the much-needed respite has been doing miracle to me.

That I allow myself to recharge after suffering from intense pressure truly does me good. It not only enables me to recuperate but also gives me a chance to get inspired from what I have done. Consequently, I am capable of going on with the unfinished works and no longer stuck in a rut.

That’s all about my personal experience of tackling with the “don’t wanna do” scenario. I really really hope that this brief article can possibly be practical =))


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