Recently, what is called “minimalism” or “minimalist” has been growing in popularity. I’ve googled their deep underlying meaning and found a brand new life style which is quite suits me: minimizing the number of my belongings – as many as possible.

Initially, “Minimalism” was a term referring to a style of art in which unnecessary elements are removed. It has been the norm since the post World War II, originally from Western Art. The trend in getting rid of unjustified features began to emerge, from visual art to architecture, music and literature. That’s the brief history of the terminology, which is the base to form a new found way of life.

Up till now, “minimalism” is also known as a simple but content lifestyle. I’m really fond of living like this. To be honest, I am downright easy-going and I don’t need as many possessions as the other girls. It is thought that I am just and ordinary country girl due to my exceptional way of life. I don’t make up, I don’t wear charming skirts like others.

Since I was at high school, I have noticed that my bed room – my own world – is just like that of an elder because I just have some casual cloths along with my uniforms, a few books and other stuff but not too many. In fact, my room is pretty spacious with only a small number of belongings. And now, getting to know about “minimalism”, I reckon that I’ve been doing right for so long in spite of some criticism from someone that doesn’t understand my true self.

However, I still have to rearrange my wardrobe, bookshelf and bed also. The reason for that is I’ve been keeping too many things which I don’t have anything to do with but I just hold them all with a view to use them one day. Or even for something I find worthless now, yet there was a time when I thought that they are valuable pieces of invaluable memory so that I can’t throw them away. But they just remind me of sad moments, and I decide not to keep them anymore.

Living much more simpler with lighter goods, I find myself living in such a tranquil state of mind. I have more space, then I can save much time from cleaning the waste. I feel that my heavy burden on my shoulder has been diminished a little bit. But above all, I can free myself and have more peace in mind. The trouble of managing so many things can no longer slither into my brain and get me down. I’m just satisfied with what I’ve got now. That’s my life. Simple but happy.


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