National Geographic – tons of epic photos (and more…)

To continue my web choice series with another celebrated site…

I had suffered from some sleep disorders, and that’s why this article seems to be somewhat (or even extremely) incomprehensible. Now all want is a sound sleep after a long time tolerating sleeplessness. Yet I don’t give up because I just want to build endearing habits. So pardon me if you find something here going wrong.

I’ve been dreaming of being a full time traveler for so long, but becoming that so-called wanderer goes beyond my wildest dream :)) But there’s a very useful tool to obtain geographic knowledge about very corner of the world for everyone with the same interest as mine (with just a laptop connected to the Internet).

Ok, I’m not mean to beat around the bush. Let’s have a quick look at the subject today: National Geographic . This one seems to be downright familiar with everyone, huh? Not only tons of epic photos but thousands pieces of factual information about the wherein geographical regions are also available on the site.

To a daydreamer like me, I find this webpage is bloody inspiring. Savoring every inch of the high definition images, I feel so excited and it occurs to me that one day, I’ll be able to take such awesome pics on my own. Though I haven’t got any chances to set foot on the far remote areas with fantastic scenery yet, I still capture the scenes around me and perfect them all with the Instagram default edit tools 🙂

To be honest, the quality of photos on National Geographic is so damn exceptional, which can’t not be denied. In terms of educational purposes, it provides us with the most up-to-date and reliable data about natural science as well as breakthrough discoveries throughout human history.

While surfing this site, we can learn a wide range of new words along with terminologies on a variety of fields, which contributes to training our mind.

In short, here are 4 things that National Geographic can do to help us:

  1. Supply a tremendously huge source of general knowledge
  2. Nurture our brain
  3. Give away imaginary trips
  4. Be a real creative inspiration for artists

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