Secretion of endorphins

I’ve just grasped such an interesting scientific fact that endorphins can be released by eating spice peppers. It accounts for my eating chili peepers too much (especially when I am down) though I am warned that this sort of eating habit isn’t good for my health. That the spicier the peppers are, the more endorphins are secreted by central nervous system. This fact is maybe familiar with others, but to me, it’s brand new.

So I’ve sought for plentiful tips on how to “force” our body to discharge more endorphins on google. And this is the top results which anyone can do right away:

  1. Sniff some aroma of vanilla or lavender
  2. Take a bit ginseng
  3. Practice sports or some kinds of exercise (physical movements in general can do you good)
  4. Seek out day-to-day laughter
  5. Relish a reasonable amount of chocolate
  6. Listen to music
  7. Savor spicy food
  8. Absorb some sunshine
  9. Take some time to meditate
  10. Stock up on B vitamins
  11. Enjoy an optimistic lifestyle

And we’ve been through the most practical ways to boost your endorphins production in your body. I hope this article will help to stimulate your potential power 😀


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