Time flies…

“The trouble is, you think you have time” – Jack Kornfield

I used to be of the viewpoint that there is no need to rush, just take our time. However, I have gradually been aware of how fast the time goes by. If we don’t make the most use of it, we will bitterly regret for what we haven’t attained yet in our lives.

Now I am virtually 19 years old, and look back to the past, I feel really disappoint at wasting time. I did lose time for considering and wondering about life, and completing unnecessary homework as well. The only way to buy back some of that time is to work as hard as possible, enjoy the very current moment, and fight for my dream in lieu of worrying about something vague.

Being industrious doesn’t mean that I have to burn the candle at both ends. Indeed, I once hold the low opinion that I was so young, so my health was infinite, and I didn’t need work-life balance. I used to skip lunch when being busy with my assignments, practice TKD at any time I would love to, and even the worst, stay up too late. And now, when I have to tolerate the negative effects of those harmful activities, I feel tremendously down. At the other extreme, it’s no use blaming myself for what had happened. “Better late than never”, I strongly believe in this well-known saying. I am now is much wiser than I was in the past. And I know what to do from now on.

Having peace in my is of equal importance. As time passes, we can’t get back any moment. So that’s why we human beings needn’t worry about anything that belongs to the future. Whenever we feel happy, just relax and smile like an idiot :))

And above all, fight for our dreams. Every single day, try a bit harder than the previous day, so we can make progress and achieve what we want sooner than when we spend much time on other trivial things. Then we will defeat the great enemy – the time. We won’t have to be afraid of running out of time to reach our goals.

Recently, I feel a little tired and have hardly any motivation for doing anything. That’s the reason why my writings are not very cohesive =.= Anyway, I always fight bravely for my dreams.


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