Alice and Mattia are liken to prime numbers, which commonly drives people to think that they are similar oddballs, yet separated by an (or even some) even number(s), just like prime numbers. But why the folks don’t think about 2 and 3? They are prime numbers, and apparently, they are adjacent to each other :))

Ok, and that’s about the title of the book. Not that much. Sorry, I’m just a big fan of Math, so that’s why I judge the book’s name so hard, haha.

Now, we move to the plot. Regret went through the whole story. The two loners both found it hard to express their feeling, which separated themselves from one another. Traumatic scenarios in their past kept haunting them no matter how older they got. Anyway, I just feel that the girl, Alice is such a crazy girl. She didn’t tell Mattia the reason why she called him back to Italy, why didn’t she explain that she had found out a girl looking very similar to Mattia, and then they might find his lost sister. After that, the trouble would be handled. That’s it. Depression merely gets us insane, so we just focus on keeping our sanity :))

In short, I’m of the viewpoint that only when we get too high should we read this novel to be a bit downer :v I don’t know why this one won the 2008 Strega Prize in spite of its absurdity.


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