Modern day paradox

The paradox is that whilst people can take sound advice from self-help books to manage all the challenges they encounter, the number of suicide cases is higher than ever before. Why some people can follow the instructions in those books yet end up killing themselves? How come they can’t sooth their mental pain after reading psychological books?

I am half way through finding the answer. I myself used to experience the feeling of death from the inside though I am always be asked for advice about how to confront stress. I didn’t know the reason why I am a big fan of self-help and psychological books yet sometimes in the past, I still suffered from severe depression. I can provide the others with practical guidance on dealing with intense pressure, but they seemed to be useless for me. I tried to figure out the reason, and then made every effort to be on the right track (I mean saving myself from committing suicide).

As far as I am concerned, the underlying cause for the absurdity is that human beings rely too much on the external factors, so they aren’t capable of controlling their own sophisticated feeling. Let’s take one of my old friend for example. He used to be tremendously emotional, and always depended on others’ encouragement. He is freaking knowledgeable about psychological tricks, yet still couldn’t defend himself against the idea of ending up his life with Seduxen (a sort of tranquillizer). He told me not to say any word to him because every piece of advice was pointless, so I didn’t say any single word and still kept an eye on him, just to make sure he couldn’t do anything silly.

It’s ridiculous that we focus almost on money, fame, love and care from others, so that is the reason why once we can’t win some of them, we often feel lost and no placebo can instantly raise us up. Some of us can revive, some can’t and give up determination, end up falling down. That’s it. And it’s when psychological document can’t do anything to bring those people back to life. Nowadays, this kind of books is available mostly everywhere, and even a small kid is able to obtain the simple instruction, several people remain baffled and have no intention of being up against the pressure they’re under.

To cut a long story short, I just wanna say that in this hectic world, everybody should know how to make use of their own internal power, the one laying deep inside, in lieu of external elements. You know, even psychological books sometimes prove themselves to be helpless, you’d better be your own psychologist to save your life.




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