Striving for recognition?

Have you ever been under extreme pressure? Have you ever felt hopeless, tired and had no motivation to move on? That you haven’t obtained anything extraordinary yet put tremendous train on you, what will you do?

To begin with, let’s consider what the root of your disappointment is . To anyone that focuses on shooting to fame or winning recognition, this post is particularly written for you. Here is some advice, not so sound but I think it can sooth the pain of the “praise hunters”.

It can not be denied that aiming to attain appreciation is an innate desire of human beings. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, it ranks as the second highest natural need, just under the self-fulfillment. The way-too-ambitious, however, can get into trouble due to the enormous burden they put on their own shoulders. It is obvious that some of us may set bloody elusive goal not because they merely want to, but to draw praise from the others. The problem is, when motivation forcing you to move on don’t come from yourself yet come from the glorious feeling of being showered with praise, you’ll easily get depressed once you don’t gain enough admiration.

It’s great to receive some appreciation as a small reward on your long journey, but frankly speaking, you yourself can only have peace in my when you give up others’ opinion on what you’ve accomplished. Just keep calm, try your best, make progress every day and break your own records. Don’t let any external factors have negative impact on you.

Everything will be alright :))


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